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Traditional art Sumenep

Monday, 16 December 2013

Carnival in Sumenep

Tourist Attractions in Sumenep Madura

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Glance Sumenep
Sumenep ( Madura language : Songènèb ) is a district in the province of East Java , Indonesia . This district has an area of ​​2093.45 km ² and a population of 1,041,915 inhabitants. Its capital city is Sumenep . 
Songènèb name for itself in the sense of an English etymology Kawi / Old Javanese if diterjemaahkan have the following meanings :The word " Sung " means a niche / basin / valley , and the word " ènèb " which means sediment quiet,then if interpreted more deeply Songènèb / Songennep ( in Madurese ) has the meaning " valley / basin calm ".
The mention of word Songènèb itself is already popular since the Royal Singosari had dominion over the land of Java , Madura and Area, as has been mentioned in the book about the mention of the area Pararaton " Sumenep " when the King Kertanegara mendinohaken ( rid ) Wiraraja Aryan ( royal adviser in politics and government ) to the region Sumenep , Madura East in 1926 AD
Places Of Interest In Sumenep
Sumenep Palace Museum II ( the only palace with historical evidence most complete and well-preserved , original and without makeup , defeating the palace jogja and solo )

Lombang Beach ( Fir Tree Decorated with rows of Shrimp , only in Indonesia and China )

Slopeng Beach (always crowded with tourists who bathe on a stretch of beach with white sand )

Sumenep Jami Masjid ( Mosque which was built in 1763, Including the Oldest Mosque In Indonesia )

Tomb of the Kings Asta Tinggi ( Tomb of the King of hundreds of years ago ) and Joseph Asta Talango.

Island Resort ( island tour with a row of beautiful nan island since the island Kangean , Sapudi , RAAS , Puteran , dyke labak , mamburit , tile , dyke Iyang , king island , etc. )

Tour of the island is also famous for its Chicken Bekisar with colorful exotic ( partridge hybrids with chicken ) and Teak wood carving hand made ​​pieces .

Island Park Mamburit ( for tourists who like diving and enjoy the natural beauty of the Sea , but it is used for wind surfing national and International )

Panorama Labak Gili Island Marine Park ( Photo Journey ) , located between the island and the island of Gili Genting Puteran ( commonly used for nautical sports , Diving Association ( snorkling / diving ), and Professional Diving ( scuba diving )

Lombang Beach

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Lombang beach is one of the beaches located in Sumenep, Madura. This beach is precisely located to the East of Sumenep, approximately 25 km from the city of Sumenep in sub-district of rods. Lombang beach is one of the leading nature tours on Earth Sumekar. On the beach, in addition to the sea waves are quite calm and very fine white sand, the visitors will also be treated to the lush evergreen trees that lined shrimp followed the line of the shore.

The history of the growth of spruce Shrimp
Shrimp is endemic to evergreen vegetation typical of this coastline, allegedly according to most people this plant only grows in Lombang Beach and some beach in sea waters of China. The history of the spread of spruce shrimp in territorial waters of Sumenep intimately connected with the great expedition of Imperial China in wading through the waters of the archipelago which is ruled by The General Ho (Thurs Thai Shampoo), General Ma'huan and General Ong Keng Hong, the trio also known as SAM PO LANG TOA meaning Three Great Swordsman in ancient Javanese wordlists and known by the name Awang Dempo.

Muhibah brings 62 ship fleet, with army war 27,800 people; supposedly the great muhibah is a largest sailing at that time. When sailing the vastness of the oceans that cover as he passed, many of the neighboring countries that feel amazed and worried. It looks as if the Emperor is indeed mainland China show off its power to neighboring countries and showed that the State itself as a super power, adigang adigung adiguno, as if no other country that can protect it.

But arriving in the Java Sea, one aircraft carrier strikes the rock to crumble, the dg Genesis tsb General Ong Keng Hong as a main Ferryman dies, then all to the beach/ghost fleet, then the merapatnya of the fleet of ships is preserved with the name wangkangnya, meaning Mangkang ship, it is located about 10 km west of Semarang.  Because Ong Keng Hong religions Islam, then buried in a Muslim area of Gedongwatu.

After the burial ceremony is completed and then cruise the great muhibah continued towards the center of the Majapahit Kingdom, but apparently the misfortune still follow them, the ships are carried by currents to the East and is hit by a hurricane around the waters of The Bulls, the most numerous are sunk, as well as many were destroyed as well as many amenities that were stranded on the beaches around the island of Java and Madura, just as there are in Anchorage: Starchhis plate was found on the beach, Kamal enshrined by the name of The dish, its pillars were found in the waters of Sumenep Regency entrance, itiknya much fluttering in the Strait Kamal then when we boarded the sailboat will be heard faintly the sound ducks floated.

 From the story above, it can be ascertained, that some plants "Fir Shrimp" that is in the waters of the northern districts of Sumenep, is the result of a congenital remnant soldiers are stranded in Sumenep waters when in the course of the expedition Muhibah.

Administratively, Lombang Beach, located in the village Lombang, district rods, Sumenep Regency, Madura, East Java province, Indonesia.

Lombang beach is located approximately 30 km from the city of  Sumenep toward the Northeast. To reach the site, tourists can take advantage of public transportation, car rentals, or rent a taxi with journey time approximately one hour drive. If You are domiciled outside the island of Madura, you can Wade through the port of Tanjung Perak, Surabaya to Bangkalan, Madura Kamal Port with a ferry. Of Bangkalan, you can use public transport to the city of Sumenep.

Ticket Prices
The cost of tickets for entry into this shore is $ 2 (RP.15000) per person.

 Accommodation and other facilities
Travelers who want to stay overnight at the beach can set up tents on the beach, because the hotel is not yet available in the vicinity of the beach. There are lodging facilities, namely natural huts of wood, usually reserved only for the participants of the tour packages from travel agents. When forced to stay, travelers can obtain the services of the hotel in the town of Sumenep.

This beach has rooms available for visitors to rinse clean the body after playing sand or swimming. If you want to sit around casually, travelers can take advantage of some of the seats or small stalls on the edge of the beach sells ' ice with ' (young coconut) as well as ' the traditional rice cake ' (Queen of Madura). In the middle of the midday sun, the traditional rice cake is delicious, and fresh ice with very suitable to enjoy.

History Kraton Sumenep

Monday, 11 March 2013

Sumenep palace was once the official residence of the Duke / King - king than as a place to run the government. Sumenep kingdom itself is arguably its nature as a small kingdom (at Duchy ) at the time , since before the region dikusai VOC Sumenep ,Sumenep region itself still has to pay tribute to the great empires ( Singhasari , Majapahit , and the Sultanate of Mataram ).

Kraton Sumenep actually few in number, in addition to the official residence of the duke / king who ruled at that time , the Palace also functioned as a place to organize all the affairs of the royal government . Currently the Palace building remaining intact and are building palaces built by Gusti Raden Ayu Tirtonegoro R. Rasmana and Kanjeng Hero Member Tirtonegoro Ario ( Bindara Saod ) and his descendants the Panembahan Somala Asirudin Pakunataningrat and Sultan Abdurrahman Pakunataningrat I ( Raden Ario Notonegoro ) . As for building the Palace - palaces belonging to the Duke / King of the others , such as the Palace of Prince Siding Castle in Parsanga , Kanduruan Hero Member Royal Palaces , the Palace of Prince Lor and Prince Wetan in Karangduak building rubble just stay alone with only a gate and palace building foundation pedestals .

Kraton Sumenep
The term is associated with the mention of the Palace when the government system in Java that time , was not appropriate because the Palace Sumenep own a stratum level less than the existing buildings in the palace of Yogyakarta and Surakarta . Sumenep palaces are actually building the pattern of the Ducal residence building simpler arrangement of the palace - like palace of Yogyakarta and Surakarta large . However, it should be understood that the use of any mention of the term the Palace has been going on since time immemorial by people of Madura , due to geographical conditions Sumenep who are in foreign areas ( coastal areas wetan ) are far from the kingdom of Mataram . So also mention Sovereign Duchy more familiar among the people as " Rato / King " 

Founder Palace
Pajagalan palaces or better known Songennep palaces built on private land belonging to the ruling Somala Panembahan Sumenep XXXI. Built in 1781 by the architect of the Palace by Lauw Piango one of the Chinese people displaced by the 1740 M Chinese Riot in Semarang. Somala Panembahan palaces built in the east of the palace compound belonging to R. Gusti Ayu Rasmana Tirtonegoro and Kanjeng Hero Member Tirtonegoro Ario (Bindara Saod) is none other than his parents. Building the Palace complex consists of a lot of mass, but not built simultaneously in the wake and gradually expanded by his descendants.

Building the Palace Complex
Sumenep palace stands on private land Prince Natakusuma I ( Panembahan Somala ) (east of the old palace of Queen R. Ayu Rasmana Tirtanegara ) . Sumenep the Palace building complex is simpler than the Palace complex Mataram kingdom, the building only covers gedong State , the Palace Court , Paseban , and some private buildings Families palaces .
In front of the palace , to the south stands and in front of the Supreme Pendapa stand gedong Affairs ( now Office Disbudparpora ) which was established by the Dutch Government . That said , the State Building gedong itself is meant to rival the royal authority Sumenep and also to monitor all movements of government run by the family palace . Additionally gedong the country also functioned as the treasury and managed by the Palace briefing Patih assisted by Wedana palace.

State gedong the east side stands the palace entrance is Labang Mesem Sumenep. This is monumental gate, at the top there is a multi-story loft, is used to monitor all the activities that take place in the palace . It is said that the entrance to the palace complex there is a five-door that was once called Ponconiti . Currently two are still living there, all of which are at the front of the site facing south. The west door is the entrance that is very simple. At the corner of the east side of the south stand Labhang Mesem Sare Park (where the sons of the Duke baths) where the surrounding walls of the walled high enough and closed.

While in the back yard of the palace east stand the kitchen, west stand comb (palace aides bed, waistband, lady's maid Miss Duke) to the west there are wells. In front of a rather well to the west stands the palace of Queen R. Ayu Rasmana Tirtanegara , and stood in front of the gazebo . However, during the reign of Sultan Abdurahman Pakunataningrat gazebo was moved to Asta Tenggi and there established the Office Koneng . Koneng Development Office (royal office / duke) initially received strong opposition by the Dutch government because it was contrary to government regulations at that time. However, to avoid the accusation that the Sultan beninisiatif to change the entire paint the building yellow wall in line with the name of “office koneng " ( Dutch language : konenglijk = office king / duke ) . In the Reign of Sultan Abdurrahman, Koneng office functioned as a place of secret meetings of high officials of the Palace. To the south Koneng Office, at the corner of west entrance of the hall stand ( paseban ) .

At first the palace with a pavilion located separately. However, during the reign of Sultan Abdurrahman Pakunataningrat , these two buildings into one row . Previously , Paseban ( pavilion ageng ) functioned as a session led by the Duke and attended by high-ranking officials that time the Palace held on certain days . Paseban itself large and well taken care of by paramedics assisted by kebayan .

To the south park Sare stand Pendapa or Paseban and is now used as a souvenir shop. To the south of the palace lies the road to Jamik Sumenep Mosque (to the west) while to the east of the road Kalianget . To the east of the palace is the village, and in the east the road is Kampong Patemon . That is the meeting place of the palace and gardens of water flow, water flows parks belong to the people and Gardens Lake ' (royal baths soldiers)  From the way Dr. Sutomo to the east there is the descent, before the bend in the road stand out or Labang gate Galidigan. In the west there is a downhill exit, the former seven steps.

South of the steps there is a small sea Sagaran or picnic spot sons of Duke. Now the Sagaran occupied housing and tennis courts. In the west tennis court, a place to stand kamarrata carriage, and stand behind the stables complete with two parks.

Sumenep palace complex just not facing the west, but to the south. It is associated with the legend of the southern ocean (Madura Strait) and the abode of Raden Segoro analogous to the legend of Nyai Roro Kidul Mataram which is supposedly the wife of Sultan Agung who dwells / Segoro reigns in the South (Indonesia Ocean). From the legend cause hereditary dogma that a good home should be facing south . Judging from the site (site planning) shows that the palace complex of buildings on the balance symmetry principle embraced by using as / axis that is strong enough. This is an attempt to give the impression of the great planning and commanding of this complex.

Structure of City Planning
The basic concept of urban planning Sumenep determined based on the teachings of Islam: wa minallah hablum hablum minannas means relating to God and relate to humans. That the square as its center. When facing straight west meant we relate to God (haram Mosque in mecca) and we find Jamik Mosque. Conversely, if we are facing east meant dealing with human beings and we get Sumenep palace. It can also be attributed to the Hindu doctrine that says that the east, the direction of the rising sun is a symbol of life, so the human place in the natural world. Instead west where the sun sets is the symbol of death, the symbol of the hereafter, and the symbol of divinity.   

The Hall, Sumenep
Kraton Sumenep inscription contains the will of Panembahan Somala about Hall, the building complex and its surroundings. The inscription is written in the year 1200 a.h. or year ba ' month of Muharram with the Arabic alphabet and now still tersimpat in the Museum Hall, Sumenep.


Year Of The Hijrah The Prophet. 1200 (ba ') the month of Muharram, here buildings (housing) as well as the Waqf lands Prince Natakusuma Duke of Sumenep. May Allah SWT give mercy for him and his parents? This is the building as well as the land that cannot be tampered with and cannot be diwaris sebabb buildings (including the land) is a Waqf that cater to the needs of fair and poor people. I gave orders to all offspring, or if there are no other capable, to supervise and another to improve the buildings and the land, to the other descendants have another and watched that endowments may Allah SWT, mengaruniai safety world and hereafter

Cultural Heritage
In addition to having the grandeur of the building, Hall, Sumenep also has an invaluable cultural heritage. Among other things:


Dance Movements:
The dance was originally known as Gambu keris Dance, the dance is called Gambu Pararaton Fiber with Dhuwung, Sudukan Silat Dance created by Arya Wiraraja and taught on the followers of Raden Wijaya then took refuge in the Royal Palace of Sumenep. The dance never displayed at the Palace by the followers of Daha Raden Wijaya in celebration of Wuku Galungan implemented by King is derived in an event at the Royal Manguntur pasasraman Daha has always held every end of the year at the Wuku Galungan. The followers of Raden Wijaya, among others, Lembusora, pitted with Nambi and Known the Senopati Daha i.e. Rape Mundarang, Pangelet, Fallen and Mahesa and victory are on retainer Rade Wijaya.


Arya Wiraraja Keris dance creation this a long time ago is not diatraksikan. At the time of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom in Java, namely on governance of Raden Mas Rangsang Panembahan Senapati Cakrakusuma Pandita Prabu SUPREME ing Alaga Khalifatullah (Sultan of Mataram 1613-1645), a King who is very concerned with art and culture. It was then ruled by a Duke of Sumenep relatives of Sultan Agung named Prince Anggadipa the dance was revived in 1630, sekiotar named "Relapse" in Javanese language means "happen again" and this continues until named Relapse and eventually turned the term into dance Gambu (in Sumenep vernacular).

Moang Deny, Dance
Mowang means throw away, Deny means sukerta sukerta meaning dark, and (something which became fine dining compatriots demon, dedemit, jin rayangan, demons, according to Hindu teachings). While deny is adopted from the ancient meaning Sengkala Jawi (sengkolo). So that meant deny in General in Songennep are: when a parent has a child girl and then applied for by men, should not be rejected because the girl would make a "deny" (no practice forever).At first somewhat hard Deny Mowang dance movements are accompanied by gamelan repertoire with "sampak" then flows on a repertoire of "oramba '-orambe '" that hinted at the Princess Royal headed into the "Garden" of sare. And then add a subtle movement, the movement is in this yg more subtly hinting at the Princess is running in the Mandiyoso (Hall of the Royal Palace to Palace korridor Supreme Court). Generally the costumes worn are characteristic of Songennep, red and yellow, the color blend because it contains the philosophy "kapodhang nyocco '" which means "sare Rato prapa'na flowers" (King was happy). While the combination of colors of the costume of red and green or yellow and green folosofinya "kapodang nyocco ' means" leaf "Rato prapa'na bendhu" (the King is angry).


Odeng rek-kerek,
one costume headdress a man created by Sultan ' Abd Pakunataningrat not others meant to demean the dignity of Netherlands colonial rule when it invades the Sumenep, "REC-kerek" in the language of Madura has the meaning of a puppy (patek).

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