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Lombang Beach

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Lombang beach is one of the beaches located in Sumenep, Madura. This beach is precisely located to the East of Sumenep, approximately 25 km from the city of Sumenep in sub-district of rods. Lombang beach is one of the leading nature tours on Earth Sumekar. On the beach, in addition to the sea waves are quite calm and very fine white sand, the visitors will also be treated to the lush evergreen trees that lined shrimp followed the line of the shore.

The history of the growth of spruce Shrimp
Shrimp is endemic to evergreen vegetation typical of this coastline, allegedly according to most people this plant only grows in Lombang Beach and some beach in sea waters of China. The history of the spread of spruce shrimp in territorial waters of Sumenep intimately connected with the great expedition of Imperial China in wading through the waters of the archipelago which is ruled by The General Ho (Thurs Thai Shampoo), General Ma'huan and General Ong Keng Hong, the trio also known as SAM PO LANG TOA meaning Three Great Swordsman in ancient Javanese wordlists and known by the name Awang Dempo.

Muhibah brings 62 ship fleet, with army war 27,800 people; supposedly the great muhibah is a largest sailing at that time. When sailing the vastness of the oceans that cover as he passed, many of the neighboring countries that feel amazed and worried. It looks as if the Emperor is indeed mainland China show off its power to neighboring countries and showed that the State itself as a super power, adigang adigung adiguno, as if no other country that can protect it.

But arriving in the Java Sea, one aircraft carrier strikes the rock to crumble, the dg Genesis tsb General Ong Keng Hong as a main Ferryman dies, then all to the beach/ghost fleet, then the merapatnya of the fleet of ships is preserved with the name wangkangnya, meaning Mangkang ship, it is located about 10 km west of Semarang.  Because Ong Keng Hong religions Islam, then buried in a Muslim area of Gedongwatu.

After the burial ceremony is completed and then cruise the great muhibah continued towards the center of the Majapahit Kingdom, but apparently the misfortune still follow them, the ships are carried by currents to the East and is hit by a hurricane around the waters of The Bulls, the most numerous are sunk, as well as many were destroyed as well as many amenities that were stranded on the beaches around the island of Java and Madura, just as there are in Anchorage: Starchhis plate was found on the beach, Kamal enshrined by the name of The dish, its pillars were found in the waters of Sumenep Regency entrance, itiknya much fluttering in the Strait Kamal then when we boarded the sailboat will be heard faintly the sound ducks floated.

 From the story above, it can be ascertained, that some plants "Fir Shrimp" that is in the waters of the northern districts of Sumenep, is the result of a congenital remnant soldiers are stranded in Sumenep waters when in the course of the expedition Muhibah.

Administratively, Lombang Beach, located in the village Lombang, district rods, Sumenep Regency, Madura, East Java province, Indonesia.

Lombang beach is located approximately 30 km from the city of  Sumenep toward the Northeast. To reach the site, tourists can take advantage of public transportation, car rentals, or rent a taxi with journey time approximately one hour drive. If You are domiciled outside the island of Madura, you can Wade through the port of Tanjung Perak, Surabaya to Bangkalan, Madura Kamal Port with a ferry. Of Bangkalan, you can use public transport to the city of Sumenep.

Ticket Prices
The cost of tickets for entry into this shore is $ 2 (RP.15000) per person.

 Accommodation and other facilities
Travelers who want to stay overnight at the beach can set up tents on the beach, because the hotel is not yet available in the vicinity of the beach. There are lodging facilities, namely natural huts of wood, usually reserved only for the participants of the tour packages from travel agents. When forced to stay, travelers can obtain the services of the hotel in the town of Sumenep.

This beach has rooms available for visitors to rinse clean the body after playing sand or swimming. If you want to sit around casually, travelers can take advantage of some of the seats or small stalls on the edge of the beach sells ' ice with ' (young coconut) as well as ' the traditional rice cake ' (Queen of Madura). In the middle of the midday sun, the traditional rice cake is delicious, and fresh ice with very suitable to enjoy.

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